Digital MC Digital MC

View your official medical certificate online

How It Works

Step 1

Your doctor will issue a digital
Medical Certificate (MC)

Step 2

You will receive an SMS containing
an URL to the digital MC

Step 3

Forward the URL to your Employer
or Company HR department

What a Digital MC looks like

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital MCs?

A digital medical certificate (MC) is the online version of a paper medical certificate (MC). Digital MC can be accessed via a unique link under the main domain, for example,

Why are we digitalising MCs?

It can be inconvenient to submit a paper MC to the human resource department or supervisor. We seek to ease this process by allowing employees to submit MC via an SMS containing the MC link. You no longer need to worry about misplacing paper MC or having to request for a replacement. It is also more sustainable as using less paper saves our environment!

When will digital MCs be made available?

Digital MC will be available at selected clinics from May 2018.

Which clinics support digital MCs?

Digital MCs will be available at selected SingHealth clinics, and will expand to more clinics over time.

Can I still get a paper MC if I want to?

Paper MC will still be available at the moment. You may also print the digital MC if you wish.

Only you will receive the SMS containing your digital MC link. You may choose to forward it to your employer or relevant parties. Please ensure that your mobile number is updated with the clinic in order to receive the SMS.

There is no doctor’s signature on the digital MC. How do I prove that the digital MC is authentic?

As the digital MC is a computer-generated MC, the doctor’s signature is not required. The doctor’s signature is in the form of his/her name in block letters on the digital MC together with the doctor’s MCR number. To further cement its authenticity, ensure that the digital MC is issued from the domain. If you need further clarification, please call the issuing clinic.

What if my employer does not recognise my digital MC?

You may inform them that this is a new initiative from SNDGG, and point them to this page For more information or clarification, they may contact us via the support form.

What if I lose my digital MC?

You will need to request the clinic to issue the paper MC. We encourage you to save your digital MC SMS/link to prevent such a situation.

Please ensure that the mobile number that you have provided to the clinic is updated. Alternatively, you may complete our support form, and we will follow up with your request promptly.

I have received the SMS but the URL does not work. Who can I contact for help?

You may complete our support form, and we will follow up on your request promptly. While waiting for our response, please check the internet connection, or test the link on another internet-enabled device.

Is there an option to send to my email address instead?

As most clinics request for the patient’s phone number during the registration process, but not their email address, you may share the link through email to yourself.

Have more questions?

Submit your questions and feedback through this support form

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